Beatrice Colla   is an Italian eclectic artist.



She was born in 1977 in Turin, Italy and moved at age of 3 to Milan, where she currently lives. Beatrice's style is modern and distinctive with a timeless, classical edge. She studied at IED “European Institute of Design” in Milan and graduated in 2002 with a specialization in Digital Design, Visual Arts, 3D Studio Effects and in Video Editing. In 2010 she began to study photography at "Bottega dell' Immagine" in Milan with Raffaello Di Lorenzo, acquiring in the next two years a strong expertise in Live Photo Reportages with Annalisa Russo. The constant love for music and concerts stimulated Beatrice to express her art collaborating with the gothic musical webzine "DarkItalia" and the "Ex Voto" live events, becoming the official live photo reporter for the most of the concerts. Her experience as a digital designer, musician, dancer and actress gives her a unique insight into the creative needs and the understanding of the importance of strong brand recognition. Beatrice consistently provides creativity and innovation finding her inspiration all around the world mostly in live shows perfomances, Contemporary and Futurist Art, Visual art and Cinema.





Live at Shelter club in Milan, Italy. 



For the live album "Der Himmel Uber Berlin - Live@Shelter Milano 02.11.2013" the alternative death rock darkwave band Der Himmel Uber Berlin honored me choosing a picture of my live photo report taken the same night of their concert. So here you can see a detail from the band during the event. 

Detail sometimes make the difference!


Check the great stuff of the band here: 






A big thank you to SwissDarkKnight



My interview for the music webzine ONDALTERNATIVA. A big thank you to Valentina Ferrari


Valentina and I met one night at the Gerson's rock concert at Honky Tonks near to Milan and we liked each others immediately! Valentina is a strong woman that love alternative music and try to find every kind of cool stuff about it here in Italy. She organizes great events and support rock women that work hard. So here is her point of view about me and I thank you her for the great words she spent for me. Very honored.

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